May 2000                   Versatel Telecom

                                    Senior Network Architect


Principal area of responsibility: Develop and document and handover to operation new IP services to be delivered as standard product to multiple customers and pre-sales support for multiple IP products.

Skills: IP, BGP, MPLS, VPN, OSPF, EIGRP, IPSEC, ISDN, Ciscoworks, E-health, firewall-PIX, QOS, etc.

Platform: Cisco 800 to 12000 router plus VPN concentrator, PIX and switches. Juniper M/T series design and configuration.


September 1999       Symantec

                                    Platinum Technical Support


Principal area of responsibility: Corporate system administrator support and software implementation. Support for Norton Anti-virus (Server, workstation, firewall, Email and gateway), PC any-where and Ghost product.



August 1998              NCR EMEA

                                    Second Level Technical support


Principal area of responsibility: Deployment of French and Spanish tech support which involved travelling for knowledge transfer. Windows OS support and network troubleshooting of LAN, remote access using PPP and some basic routing issue. Also managing a team of eight support engineers.

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